Skripal Poisoning

Now that L’affaire Skripal is staring to unravel, it is time to look at the astrology of the event.  This incident occurred in early March, when a Russian double agent and his visiting daughter were found unconscious on a park bench.    Almost immediately the Prime Minister of England, Theresa May, declared that they were poisoned by a potent military grade substance she called novichok that could only be created in Russia.  Expulsion of Russian diplomats from Great Britain were followed by the same from several European countries and the United States.  This all happened before any evidence was provided.  Interestingly, Sergei Skripal lived only seven miles from Porton Downs, Britain’s top secret chemical weapons laboratory.



Skripals Found



Here is the chart for when the couple was found on a park bench in Salisbury, England.  The most noticeable thing is the exact — less than a quarter of a degree — conjunction between Sun and Neptune in Pisces; Neptune is said to rule Pisces, thus increasing the Neptunian effect of this conjunction.  This can be read two ways, both of which are true.  Neptune rules poisons and deception.  This tight conjunction says that on that day (Sun) there was both a poisoning and a deception.  This blog has pointed out before that Neptune plays an important role these days, with transiting Neptune squaring the Ascendant of the United States, Neptune trining the Sun of the same nation, Neptune at the Ascendant for the Washington, DC Capricorn Ingress (see chart below) last December — a forecast for the next year, that is 2018 — and of course the four year period at the end of the second decade of the Twentieth First Century has a transiting semisquare (chart below) of Uranus and Neptune, the opening semisquare of those two planets after their conjunction in the early Nineties.  So Neptune is writ big in these current times.  While Neptune can be read  as spiritual for evolved beings,  for the wold as it is now, Neptune always  plays outs as illusion,  deceptions, lies.



Capricorn Ingress 2017




Exact Semisquare Between Uranus and Neptune


The other noticeable aspect is Jupiter at the Nadir, opposite the Midheaven, in other words at the lowest point of the chart.  To me this says clearly that whatever Jupiter represents — expansion, enthusiasm, optimism — is at low ebb at this time.  Since at this time there is much talk about a war with Russia starting in Syria occasioned by another suspicious poison attack, I would say that is right on the money.

After this event was reported I felt cheapened.  In previous years, when a false story was reported to drum up action at the international level, at least those who made up the story attempted to make it believable.  Now days, they don’t even try.  Perhaps they think that whatever evil deed they accuse the Russians of doing will be instantly believed by the consumers of such news.  And unfortunately they are right.  With their accomplices in the media willing to spread any news desired by, as the current term has it, the Deep State, there is no trouble getting the public to believe any outlandish story.  Consider the antecedents:

The Mexican American War started when President Polk sent troops beyond the border recognized by Mexico and got the response he expected.  The first major anti-war movement spread in America as a result, consisting of among others the young Whig Congressman Abraham Lincoln.  As a result of this war the United States got California and several other states.

When an explosion occurred on the cruiser Maine in the Havana Harbor, it was considered done by the evil Spanish and thus led to an American War in Cuba. Subsequent research has suggested that the explosion was internal, perhaps exploding boilers, but we still really don’t know.  And there were few to offer an alternative at the time.

There are some who suggest that FDR instigated the attack on Pearl Harbor that led to America getting into World War II.  But in any case after America restricted oil that Japan needed for its activities, it was only a matter of tie before Japan struck back at America.  But this information wasn’t widely reported at the time.

In Korea in 1950 it was questionable whether the North would invade the South or the South would invade the North first, because of a series of provocations going back and forth, but of course this wasn’t reported at the time in the relatively small news environment that existed in the early Fifties.

When North Vietnamese ships attacked American cruisers off the shore of North Vietnam, there was no alternative (except I. F. Stone’s Weekly, the “Alternative News” of the era) to suggest that maybe we had attacked North Vietnam first, or perhaps not all the attacks that the US reported actually occurred.  And after all, the attacks that America claimed could certainly have happened.

But as we get closer to the present, the stories used to start war seem more fanciful.  In Serbia, there were claims of major genocide, but in fact the killings were greater after America intervened.  The stories of the Iraqis dumping babies from incubators at the start of the First Gulf War have been widely ridiculed, but still the war happened. Then the “weapons of mass destruction” myth used to get us into Iraq has been debunked throughly since then, and have been used as a model of how false stories can lead America into War.  The claim that Gaddafi was handing out Viagra to his troops so they would rape even more of their opponents I thought was unbelievable, but American news consumers seem to be very credulous.  But the Skripal poisoning incident takes the cake for unbelievability.

Consider the fact that a weapons grade nerve agent, ten times more deadly than VX or sarin, was smeared on the door handle (this is the latest version of the story of how the poisoning happened) of the Skripal home, and then after being exposed the two residents of the house were able to go about their business for seven hours before succumbing to effects of their exposure.  Perhaps this shows that Russian genes are that superior.  This nerve agent, we are told, acts immediately, is almost always deadly, and causes a loosing of the bowels and bladder.  Nevertheless the Skripals were able to enjoy a seafood meal before collapsing on a park bench 20 minutes later where they were found at the time listed on the chart.  But with a military grade poison many of the locals near to the infected area should also have been stricken (according to a local hospital there were no poisoning cases), but perhaps there is something in the water of Salisbury the imparts an immunity to the citizens of that town, preventing a nerve toxin from harming.  And now we have news that both have recovered from this deadly nerve agent, and Yulia has been released from the hospital, just in time for Easter!  And they say there are no more miracles in the modern age!

Sergei Skripal was a washed up double agent who had been returned for Britain almost a decade ago in a spy swap, where he now lives.  An axiom of spycraft is never kill a spy swap person, because it could queer any further spy swapping, something that is always needed.  One can be sure that Vladimir Putin knew this, but perhaps Theresa May was not aware of this doctrine.  And the obvious question is why would Putin want to kill a retired spy with an agent which screamed “Russian” shortly before an election and a World Cup tournament to be held in his country.  There are many easier way to kill an ex-spy than using a military weapon.

And what is this special agent novichok anyway?  The world means “newcomer” and if any existed in the Soviet Union (some are doubtful that it ever existed) it was eliminated long ago, and in fact Britain recently congratulated Russia for having eliminated its stock of chemical weapons, something that the United States has yet to do.  But a British-American thriller called Strike Back, which played as recently as the end of 2017 in Britain, has a story line where the term novichok is mentioned several times as a plot device.  Perhaps that is where Theresa May got the idea for using that term.

The best explanation I have heard is that the Skripals succumbed to food poisoning from the seafood meal they consumed a short time before they were found.  It is well know that there is a condition called paralytic reaction to shellfish poisoning (PSP) that causes symptoms very similar to what the Skripals underwent.  In fact, seafood can produce a neurotoxin call saxitoxin (STX) which is the most potent neurotoxin produced by nature, and the United States experimented with the substance for chemical war possibilities back in the Sixties.  Since they had eaten at a seafood restaurant shortly before they were found, the timeline fits an attack by STX.

I’m old enough to remember when the news media of a country would investigate and uncover facts like these.  But this information comes from a Norwegian blog, by way of a German blog.  Perhaps the reason these stories aren’t more believable is that there are many alternative sources that uncover the truth.  So what we see now is an attempt to censor alternative news sources, called “fake news”.  There are already reports of many fewer referrals to left wing sites since Google changed their search algorithm; I’ve heard that YouTube (owned by Google) is censoring a video.  And of course Facebook is now restricting what can be shown.  Last November the Washington Post (blog of Jeff Bezos) published a list of “suspicious” websites which you should not trust.  What we see now is that the “Wild West” days of the Internet are over, and the Internet is being tamed for the good of all right thinking people.