Still More Neptune

As has been discussed many times recently in this blog, Neptune is a most important planet in today’s world. As I write this, Neptune is in the third decan (third of a sign – 10 degrees) of Pisces approaching Zero Aries, the cardinal point that everyone in the world shares. By 2025 and 2026 Neptune will finally cross the cardinal axis, so Neptunian conditions will prevail for a while.

Neptune at 0 Aries 1

Recently I have been exposed to two different opinions on how Neptunian energies are already playing out in the world. These two large assumptions regard the mental state of the world: they suggest that certain groups of people are in fact very deluded and attempting to force their delusions on others making life difficult for them. In just what I have written you see that Neptune — the master of delusion — applies to this phenomena. Neptune is the fulcrum or pivot point around which these two hypotheses revolve.

One branch of this is shown by this headline from the online magazine “Is America experiencing mass psychosis?” and the subhead adds :”Psychologists say that America is going through what Carl Jung warned us would happen eventually”. Jung warned that societies were in danger of a pandemic of delusional ideas. The author of this article sees signs of mass psychosis everywhere she looks: many people doubting reality, such as skepticism that for the last two years the world has been beset by a dreadful plague and the only salvation is to use drugs provided by pharmaceutical companies. Others signs of delusion are from those who doubt that the 2020 national election was won by Democrat Joe Biden. And though she does not add in the followers of QAnon it certainly is a illustration of delusion. And the author of this piece — which of course reflects a wider viewpoint among those who read Salon — thinks that the recent eruption of the Covid pandemic has brought such feelings to the fore. As the author explains, when you have lost your job and are gripped with a fear of dying from a deadly disease, and hold anti-government beliefs or lack a college education, you are especially prone to such delusional (Neptune again) thinking. One prime example of this thinking is that of Covid-deniers who reject scientific knowledge and turn to purveyors of misinformation such as Robert Kennedy or Joseph Mercola. Some of these miscreants even believe that the Covid vaccines can kill them instead of being safe and effective.

The author references Carl Jung when she suggests that people who are into conspiracy theories or followers of New Age religions are acting out against their parents, or in this case the surrogate for parents, the state. People need myths and in an increasingly secular society that need is not met. New Age religions or QAnon, which the author considers as similar but opposite, draw those who need some myths in their life. These two are mirror images of one another, one ignoring the shadow and the other being only shadow. I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to figure out which is which.

A related link in that article is to one about the “Disinformation Dozen”, twelve people whose anti-vax propaganda is the most spread by Facebook. The top two of these 12 are the above mentioned Mercola and Kennedy. But their closed feedback loop is closer than just being the top two. Mercola was a pre-publication reader of Kennedy’s recent book about Anthony Fauci, and Kennedy’s website often publishes articles by Mercola. Facebook denies that most anti-vax posts are from these dozen, saying that only a small percentage of the relevant posts are from those twelve. In this case the “Disinformation Dozen” is more figurative than literal, though Facebook (now Meta) only interprets the statement in a literal fashion. The Center for Countering Digital Hate, the creators of the meme Disinformation Dozen meant, or should have meant, that these twelve are major fountainheads of the misinformation that influence many others, the head of the anti-vax snake as it were. And here is a good take down of Robert Kennedy from a left viewpoint which shows this is the attitude of those to the left of the readers of Salon.

Some even believe that the vaccines were planned to harm people and that many doctors are purposely denying that the vaccines are dangerous for fear of losing their jobs, income, and well-respected position in the community.

And just in time for the New Years, everybody’s favorite podcaster Joe Rogan (whose listener/viewership is at least 10 times that of CNN) interviewed Dr. Robert Malone (who did work leading to mRNA vaccines while in graduate school, is double-jabbed, and gave money to the Biden-Harris campaign). Malone is a true apostate since once he was truly part of the medical establishment and has rebelled against it. Melone mentioned the subject of the alternate Neptunian hypothesis presented below, and this link for the Salon article which covers one view of this other hypothesis, which Salon considers totally fallacious. This article about the most popular podcast from a most popular podcaster highlights the personage who the readers should hate.

This alternative Rogan podcast was not allowed to exist without quickly drawing criticism. 270 “medical specialists” demanded that Spotify, new home to Joe Rogen, ban this current podcast because it contains so much misinformation (hello, Neptune). The upset at the brazen Joe Rogan podcast is previewed by this Salon article. And since this article appeared, the pressure on Joe Rogan has only increased after Neil Young gave Spotify the ultimatum either withdraw that Joe Rogan podcast or stop using his music.

Neptune at 0 Aries 2

The opposing or complementary thesis is proposed by Belgian Professor of clinical psychology Mattias Desmet (University of Ghent) and is called mass formation. He has a book out in English called The Psychology of Totalitarianism describing this. Mass formation is a psychological condition that applies to the collective (mass) just as hypnosis applies to the individual. When a person is hypnotized they are capable of believing such things as the onion they eat is a sweet apple. For the collective the groups can believe that the leader that tells them to hate certain groups or nations is a wise and peaceful person. Previous examples of mass formation are the witch trials (Salem and earlier in Europe), Dutch tulip mania in the Seventeenth Century, parts of the French Revolution, the Dreyfus case in France, the Communist Revolution in Russia, the Nazi rule in Germany, racial massacres, and of course Jonestown, which added the phrase “Drinking the Koolaide” to our vocabulary. But in the future, if Desmet’s thesis is correct, this term could be replaced by “Taking the Jab”.

Desmet divides the population into three groups depending on how they respond to the mass formation. The largest group, 40% to 60%, go along to get along, that is to say they agree with the dominant narrative because that is much easier to do, they win the approval of their friend and neighbors, and they don’t have to think for themselves . The next group are the true believers who accept the dominant narrative fully. This group is smaller at about 30% to 40%. Finally the remaining group are the apostates or dissidents. He found that the more educated are the most susceptible to mass formation despite what some (the highly educated) might believe. Professor Desmet thinks that in the current world those who believe that their leaders are correct in thinking that the largest pandemic in a century has engulfed the world and only by the injection of certain drugs can this pandemic be eliminated are suffering from a mass formation. He doesn’t use the term psychosis to avoid the suggestion of severe mental problems, though some do use that term.

The link to a YouTube is not allowed here, but the video is “”

There are four conditions that Desmet considers necessary for the formation of a mass formation: A feeling of isolation (such as from a strong lockdown); the sense that things are meaningless / they no longer make sense / that there are too many contradictory messages; a free floating anxiety, one that doesn’t have a true center of focus, and a free floating frustration, one that can be directed towards a common enemy, those who in some way do not conform or an opposing state that the rulers condemn.

But of course it would not take long for an official denunciation of anything such a a mass formation: both Reuters and AP report that there is no such thing according to the experts they interviewed. And the Salon article mentioned above concerning Joe Rogan makes it clear that this theory is not accepted.

Neptune at 0 Aries 3

In either case there is the thought that a mass psychosis is engulfing the world, either to make the masses doubt the wisdom of their leaders or to make the masses accept the wisdom of their leaders. In any case, Neptune is highlighted. As mentioned above Neptune is approaching the zero Aries point, the first time in 168 years. Previously Neptune crossed 0 Aries in 1861 and 1862 and crossed 0 Libra in 1941 and 1942. The commonality is clear. As mentioned in the previous post, both these were crisis times. This time Neptune will cross 0 Aries in 2025 and 2026 as illustrated. There is already talk of a civil war in America between the two factions indicated above witness all the protests around the world that are never mentioned in the mainstream media but are still there.

Perhaps a civil war is desirable to those at the top with a civil war keeping those at the bottom involved fighting one another while those at the top can keep making money and taking power for themselves. Seems like a win-win situation!

Postscript. As this cartoon shows, the Covid Narrative was replaced by the Ukraine Narrative without missing a beat. But Neptune still rules.

The fog of War is a common expression in wartime (and also the title of a book by Robert McNamara who was Secretary of Defense during many years of the Vietnam War and so knows a thing or two about wartime fog) and this is the foggiest war at least since World War I. This term refers to how difficult in wartime it is to see what is really happening. Both sides in the conflict have reason to support their arguments with propaganda. And journalists, who at one time were considered arbiters of truth, during war they side with whatever government they are under. So as a result of this “fog” it becomes very difficult to tell what is going on. Note how Neptune obviously rules fog (air and water) in both the literal and figurative meanings. Another appropriate saying to keep in mind is that in war truth is the first casualty. Truth is missing, it has disappeared in good Neptunian fashion. The propaganda level is very high and truth is hard to come by. Propaganda, as I set out a few posts back, is also signified by Neptune. The safest course is not to believe anything which is said about a war.

And Nazis are again in the foreground as they were in World War II. While Nazis have been referred to before, like the American Nazis marching in Skokie Illinois in 1977 which was a great test for the ACLU and caused distress among many Jewish people, but somehow this is different, not wannabe Nazis in America but actual Nazis in a county that helped support Hitler back in the last crisis. So in this current time we hear that either Putin is fighting the Nazis in Ukraine or the President of Ukraine is Jewish so how can there be Nazis. In either case, there are Nazis being mentioned.

This is a Twenty-first Century world war and not a Twentieth Century world war so expect it to be a lot different. Our expectations of “world war” is based on the two that we know. Einstein is reputed to have said “I don’t know with what weapons the third world war will be fought but the fourth will be fought with sticks an stones”.

And to tie it all together: