Change Of Sign

We will soon see the first of three major sign changes for outer planets. Anytime an outer planet changes sign it is considered significant. There are many articles available that describe what has happened throughout history when, say, Neptune goes into Pisces or Pluto goes into Capricorn. A few years ago I discussed what happened when Pluto entered Capricorn. That occurred in 2007 through 2009 and the world saw what is called the Great Recession (as opposed to the Great Reset which is coming up). The previous time that Pluto entered Capricorn saw Britain become the dominant power in the (unipolar) world, which lasted until World War I when the USA took the reins of power even though it took the country another world war to act on this and believe it. And the time before that saw the Reformation start after Martin Luther supposedly nailed his theses to the church door. We will soon see all three outer planets — Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto — change sign within a 3 year period. One can see that if one change of sign is important, then three changing at almost the same time will be very very important.

In the book Astrology of Sustainability the astrologer J.Lee Lehman, PhD. talks about the transits of outer planets and mention this while discussing Pluto moving from Capricorn : “…cluelessness is a general characteristic of a period with a change in outer planet sign: the people who have benefited from the Old Regime often are slow to notice that the rules have changed.” Imagine what three changes of signs in three years for the outer planets will mean to those members of the Old Regime, that is Pluto, in the upcoming years.

Signs are, like house systems, a way of dividing 360 degrees by that ever popular number twelve starting of course at zero Aries. So whenever a planet changes sign it is making a multiple of 30
degree aspect to the Aries point. Thus when Pluto goes into Aquarius it will be sextile the Aries Point; when Neptune goes into Aries it will be conjunct the Aries Point; and when Uranus goes into Gemini it will be also sextile the Aries Point. Uranus has a period of 84 years so few are still alive who remember when Uranus last went into Gemini which was in 1942. The period of Neptune is twice that of Uranus so the last time Neptune entered Aries was 1862. Note that at that time Uranus was also in Gemini having entered that sign 1858 and 1858. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was in 1778 when the United States was fighting its Revolutionary War. It is fairly obvious the commonality of those three periods: both 1778, 1862 and 1942 saw the United States involved in a war. I wonder what will happen this time.

The last time all three planets changed sign at about the same time, and into the same signs as they are changing into now, was 500 years ago, as illustrated above. Uranus went into Gemini about 1524; Neptune went into Aries about 1534; and Pluto went into Aquarius about 1531 — the same three ingresses we are seeing now. Since Pluto has a period of 250 years we see that this upcoming entrance of Pluto into Aquarius is only the second time since 1531 that Pluto entered Aquarius. In the Sixteenth Century Uranus was the first to change sign and Pluto went into Aquarius seven years later; Neptune was the last to change sign. By the time Pluto entered Aquarius Uranus had moved into Cancer and shortly after Neptune entered Aries Uranus moved into Leo, two signs after Gemini. Not all three ingresses happened as close together as they do this time.

Thus 500 years ago the spread for all three ingresses was about 10 years so there was not much overlap. To say that the period 1524 to 1534 was important to the shaping of the modern world is not hyperbole. One can see that the three outer planets changing into the same three signs this decade is an echo of what happened 500 years ago. At the intermediate time 250 years after that early 16th century period, Uranus went into Gemini about 1775, Neptune went into Libra — opposite Aries — about 1779, and Pluto went into Aquarius about 1777. The timing of these sign changes with the birth of the United States is quite obvious. These three ingresses also mark the Enlightenment, though that had more to do with the grand trine of the three outer planets that century. The Enlightenment is that time when rationalism replaced religion as the dominant force in societies. I have predicted previously in this blog that we will see irrationalism (that is the opposite of rationalism) replace rationalism after this change the world is going through this decade. This may be hard if not impossible to believe if you were raised in the scientific paradigm that dominates this society and has seen the adulation of scientists after World War II (they gave us the atomic bomb that ended that war was a popular outlook in America at that time) and it has only grown since in our technically dominated world. And according to the rational mindset astrology is the ultimate in irrationalism.

One way to see when all three outer planets change sign visually is by using a graphical ephemeris in harmonic six because all three of the signs being changed into are positive: Pluto into Aquarius, Neptune into Aries, and Uranus into Gemini. The heavy horizontal line is 0 Aries or in this case the positive sign boundry. Looking at the image above we see that Pluto first moves into Aquarius in the Spring of 2023, just dipping its toe in so to speak and then goes back into the safer confines of Capricorn until late winter of 2024 when it moves seriously into Aquarius until it returns briefly to Capricorn in Fall of 2024 but finally moves into Aquarius for good at the start of 2025. Neptune goes stationary at the Aries point in Summer of 2024 (to be discussed in more depth in a later post) before returning to Pisces for winter of 2025-26, finally moving into Aries for good in early 2026. Finally Uranus moves into Gemini for late Summer, Fall and Winter of 2025 and finally moves into Gemini for good in Summer of 2026.

Summarizing, Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2023 and 2024, Neptune moves into Aries 2024, 2025, and Uranus moves into Gemini in 2025 and 2026.

As mentioned previously in this blog, the interpretations that I use of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in the current context can be laid out as follows: Note these planets have multi-variant meanings (I believe that term was used by Richard Tarnas) and so those planets have different meanings in different circumstances. But for the current crisis of this decade I think the following meanings are most useful. Uranus represents the individual people and the local and natural world as well as the desire and need for freedom. Neptune represents deception and illusion and propaganda as well as diseases and vaccines and that virtual world we call the “Internet” as well as a sense of a spiritual world. Pluto represent the opposite of Uranus in the current sense, big tech, big media, big pharma, global and the not natural — that is to say the technical and industrial.

With those meanings in mind we can see that these three different ingresses represent three different currents taking over the world . The first current will be of Plutonian energies, something that we can already see though the actual ingress won’t happen until the Vernal Equinox of 2023. The energy following that will be Neptunian which suggests there will be even more uncertainly about what is happening in the world and more propaganda supporting the narrative of Pluto so it will seem like the forces of Pluto will be all-powerful since it will appear at that time that that is the only energy available, but it will be hard to know for sure. But to paraphrase a common statement, Uranus bats last. The Uranian energies will finally come in after everyone is confused and believing that Pluto has triumphed. This will be discussed in a later post. This will see the biggest change in the direction of the world for a least 500 years. As the Romantic poet Shelly said a little over 200 years ago in the poem The Masque of Anarchy — “Ye are many, they are few” or to paraphrase Uranus is/are many and Pluto is/are few.

There is also a fourth change of sign at almost the same time as the first ingress of Pluto into Aquarius and so this should actually be considered the first of the many changes of sign in this short period, and this is one for a planet that for most of humankind’s existence was the outermost planet; Saturn is changing sign from Aquarius to Pisces in early March about two weeks before Pluto makes its first foray in Aquarius. This suggests a changed from the scientific viewpoint ruled by Aquarius to a more “non-scientific” viewpoint ruled by Pisces. In fact it has already started. The last two years have seen the popularity of the phrase “Trust Science”; I see it on lawn signs in richer neighborhoods above mine. This is a profoundly anti-science statement. You trust religion but science needs controversy and a variety of opinions in order to grow. I say this as someone who actually has a degree in science even though it is only BS. A more accurate statement would be Question Science since that is what scientists are suppose to do. But I guess that belief is so Twentieth Century.

So perhaps Science is dead but we just don’t realize it and may not realize it for many years.

Since Saturn is a relatively fast moving planet we will see it’s entrance into Aries within this decade also. And that time will be also important, but that is a subject for another post.